Brand story

From gentleman's business to casual fashion, MyWelford men's shoes were first specialized in gentleman's business. It has modest and elegant brand elements, is calm and sophisticated about shoes, and has picky and strict requirements for clothing aesthetics.

Any clothing and shoes can only be considered a real trend after being tested on the streets. Jane is a classic legacy that has stood the test of time. Trend is an endless driving force for innovation. We integrate ingenuity, have no age limit, and easily control the sense of fashion.

In the hustle and bustle of the city, find your own comfort zone. Others care about how far you have walked, but I care about how tired you are.

As people pay more attention to comfort, MyWelford integrates sports technology into shoes to create MyWelford sports shoes. It cleverly integrates the functional features of being light, wear-resistant and easy to bend, making the original business-oriented traditional men's shoes modern and fashionable, perfectly adapted to more diverse daily leisure occasions, making walking more comfortable and easier. As a result, the reputation of MyWelford men's shoes has spread and it has become an international first-line men's shoe brand.